Power That Moves You


Freedom batteries are built to give you the freedom to move.


Power That Moves You

No Matter The Application

Freedom Batteries consistently deliver the power you can count on for your vehicle.  We offer a complete line of batteries for your car, truck, boat, fleet, heavy-duty commercial and lawn tractor.

Freedom batteries are built to give you the freedom to move.


Freedom Heavy-Duty batteries are designed and built to deliver the power you need for your heavy-duty commercial, construction, industrial and farm equipment needs. Freedom commercial batteries are engineered and tested for extended life and consistent, dependable performance.


Sedan, SUV, truck, minivan or sports car, Freedom has a maintenance free replacement battery for your vehicle that delivers superior performance, maximum starting power in any climate and long life.

Marine / RV

Freedom has created a superior line up of starting and deep-cycle batteries to power all your marine and RV needs. By combining industry leading engine cracking power with increased cycling capabilities, our marine batteries will deliver the consistent performance, durability and longevity you demand when boating or camping.

Lawn & Garden

A complete line of Freedom lawn and garden batteries are designed to provide you with reliable starting power all season.

5 Powerful Reasons for Having a Freedom Battery

Maintenance Free

Rapid Recharge


Temperature Tested


Vibration Resistant