Freedom Premium automotive batteries offer a full-line to deliver the performance drivers demand. More starting power for extreme climates, superior performance and can handle the high demand applications.

  • Maximum starting power and higher cold cranking amps
  • Designed to meet and exceed OE specifications
  • Impact resistant polypropylene case reduces vibration damage
  • Patented, fully framed stamped grid technology optimizes electrical flow and resists corrosion
  • Delivers outstanding reliability
  • High density lead-oxide paste improves cycling performance
  • Maintenance-free


Product Specifications


Features of Premium Automotive


1. BEST-IN-CLASS VENTING SYSTEM - Engineered to vent gases in a controlled manner and ensures gases vent away from terminals, reducing leakage and corrosion


2. WELD AND STRAP DESIGN -  Heavy-duty strap and weld system features a high-grain top alloy and the industry‚Äôs best intercell weld, virtually eliminating corrosion


3. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE PLATES -  Centered lug and uniform plate thickness provide better performance and longer life. Rounded corners on negative plates eliminate separator shorts.


4. PATENTED STAMPED GRID TECHNOLOGY -  Patented, fully-framed stamped grid technology for both positive and negative grids optimizes electrical flow and resists corrosion for longer life


5. HIGH DENSITY PASTE -  Improves cycling performance for high accessory applications


6. ROBUST SEPARATORS -  Strong and stable, leading to few battery failures due to shorts