The toughest, longest lasting battery
you will find.

Freedom Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Group 31 batteries are built to handle the toughest jobs, on or off road.  Heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, recreational vehicles and buses are more power hungry than ever. More electronics, more accessories and more on-board amenities all demand more from the battery.  Freedom AGM Group 31 batteries are engineered and manufactured to handle those demands.

  • Unique cycling capability promotes longer electrical device utilization
  • Faster recharging after powering vehicle electronics
  • Certified NON-SPILLABLE design provides the safest solution
  • Proven performance under real world conditions


Product Specifications


Features of Heavy Duty AGM 31

1.  DUAL-SEALED VALVE - Creates a maintenance-free environment, ensuring water is regenerated even in high temperatures


2. PATENTED STAMPED GRID TECHNOLOGY - Patented grid manufacturing process produces a strong, efficient grid for high performance


3. PROPRIETARY NEGATIVE PASTE - Increases charge acceptance


4. HIGH DENSITY POSITIVE PASTE - Improves cycling performance for high accessory applications


5. AGM SEPARATOR - Glass mat separators immobilize electrolyte for stable cycle performance


6. BATTERY CASE - Rugged reinforced polypropylene case holds the plates under compression even in high-vibration applications