The Freedom Extreme Dual-Purpose battery is designed and built for increased cycling and longer life than a standard flooded battery. A glass mat separator is applied to each positive plate to improve overall cycling capacity and deliver quicker recharges. The positive plate is manufactured with more paste for better capacity. Combined with the glass mat separators, it enhances power. Plus, the negative plate has a higher density paste formulation designed to optimize performance in deep cycle charging applications and extend battery life.

  • Increased cycling capacity and quicker recharging
  • Glass mat separator for extended battery life
  • Maintenance-free design


Product Specifications


Features of Extreme Dual-Purpose Group 31

1. INTEGRATED FOLDING HANDLE - For easy carrying and installation


2. MANIFOLD VENT -  Maintenance-free vent collects and discharges gas away from posts, reducing water loss and improving life and performance


3. TERMINALS -  OE replacement terminals are available in stainless steel threaded or SAE posts


4. POLYPROPYLENE RIBBED CASE -  Impact-resistant, reinforced end walls for the durability you need


5. HIGH DENSITY PASTE - Improves cycling performance over traditional low-density pastes


6. GLASS MAT SEPARATORS -  Immobilize electrolyte for stable cycle performance and extended life


7. PATENTED STAMPED GRID TECHNOLOGY -  Patented, fully-framed stamped grid technology optimizes electrical flow and resists corrosion for longer life