A work ethic second to none.

Freedom Group 31 batteries feature the consistent, tough performance that you demand. A hardworking battery that offers dependability and long life.

Freedom Premium and Standard batteries offer:

  • Specially designed lead alloy strap and anchor bonding provide increased stability for high-vibration applications
  • Impact resistant polypropylene case with reinforced end wall design
  • Integrated handle for easy carrying and installation
  • Maintenance-free technology


Product Specifications


Features of Flooded Group 31     


1. INTEGRATED FOLDING HANDLE - For easy carrying and installation

2. TERMINALS - OE replacement terminals are available in stainless steel threaded or SAE posts

3. FLAT TOP COVER -  Integrated single port safety venting system channels gases away from posts

4. MANIFOLD VENT -  Maintenance-free vent collects and discharges gas away from posts, reducing water loss and improving life and performance

5. POLYPROPYLENE RIBBED CASE -  Impact-resistant, reinforced end walls for the durability you need

6. HIGH DENSITY PASTE -  Improves cycling performance over traditional low-density pastes

7. PATENTED STAMPED GRID TECHNOLOGY -  Patented, fully-framed stamped grid technology optimizes electrical flow and resists corrosion for longer life

8. ROBUST SEPARATORS -  Strong and stable, leading to fewer battery failures due to shorts

9. ANCHOR BONDING -  Locks grid elements in place for improved vibration resistance